Andrew Crumbie – F.B.I. Task Force

Andrew Crumbie has been working in the law enforcement and Executive branch of the government for many years now, becoming a formidable force for good. He has shown a level of dedication and skill that has wowed both his peers and superiors alike. Because of Andrew’s tendancy for excellence, he was admitted into the Federal Bureau of Investigations, becoming a member of a task force dedicated to investigating internal affairs. It was this time that he spent with the F.B.I. That he became very well acquainted with a different kind of law enforcement, one that focuses on preventative measures and threats that are foreign as well as domestic. Andrew says that this perspective is what changed the way he looked at law enforcement and allowed him to take a proactive approach to helping people. He did so well in the task force that he won many accommodations for service as well, something that has impressed his peers and superiors. Andrew says that he feels fortunate to have worked side by side with men and women who are so dedicated to the safety and security of Americans. He says that these are the true patriots who lay down their lives, whether figuratively or literally in the service of your protection as an American citizen.

Andrew Crumbie

Andrew Crumbie says that only a few fortunate people get to work with the level of skill and dedication required to be an F.B.I. Task Force member. Andrew’s time with the task force taught him how to honor and respect a certain code, and conduct yourself with a higher standard. Andrew says that his time serving is a moment of deep pride, especially when he looks back to all of the people that contributed to it.

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