Andrew Crumbie – Being Vigilant

Andrew Crumbie is a professional lawyer and representative of the people who has been working for many years now in the field of law. What he has come to realize over this time is that there are many important aspects to law, especially when it comes to business. He has seen first hand when he used to work as a corporate lawyer the raw volume of claims that were being filed against the company. It was Andrew’s job to investigate these claims and assure that they had some merit. Most of the time these were groundless allegations that were simply filed in a shameless attempt to earn some extra revenue. On several occasions however, there was a legitimate concern and violation of civil and human rights. It is these rare occasions that make all of the false ones worth the investigation, as Andrew simply will not stand for discrimination anywhere, especially in the work place. Andrew says that he has witnessed some of the most horrifying conditions or ethic breaches many times, which is why he has no problem working vigilantly to prevent conditions like that from occurring in the future. Andrew says by being thorough and professional with every investigation he does, he is sure to eventually weed out and remedy any actual discrimination that occurs.

Andrew Crumbie

Andrew Crumbie

Andrew Crumbie says that the best way to weed out discrimination is to simply treat each case as if it was a blatant violation of civil rights. By doing so you make sure that one day you do not become complacent or careless and label a case as a sham or groundless when it was not. Andrew says that even a single unreformed case of discrimination is too much, which is why he is not afraid to work tirelessly to prevent it.

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