Andrew Crumbie – Committed to a Successful Law Practice

Andrew Crumbie is a highly dedicated and highly motivated professional who has dedicated his career to the prospect of upholding the law through any means necessary. He has spent his entire career working in the realm of law beginning with over a two decade start as a law enforcement professional.

Andrew Crumbie

He gained experience climbing the ranks of the Connecticut State Police and was eventually able to develop the experience necessary to propel his law enforcement career to the federal level. Not only did he serve the Connecticut State Police force as a detective, a sergeant, and the Chief of Staff to the Commissioner, but he also served as the Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Scientific Services. He was publicly recognized for his excellent work serving in the higher ranks of the Connecticut State Police force and was eventually awarded a position as a Task Force Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It was serving for the Federal Bureau of Investigation that allowed Andrew Crumbie better understand the judicial aspect of the law as he worked closely with the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut. While serving the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Task Force Agent, he regularly conducted grand jury investigations into national criminal organizations.

Currently, Andrew Crumbie serves as the founder and manager for Crumbie Law Group, LLC, which specializes in helping individuals, businesses, and not for profit organizations solve their legal problems. They have become the trusted counsel for several of the most sophisticated organizations in the New England area.

Andrew Crumbie is dedicated to this practice and to his successful law firm, Crumbie Law Group, LLC. He has helped turn the group into a major success since its establishment and continues to commit himself on a daily basis to the groups overall future.

He received his law degree from the Massachusetts School of Law in 2004 and focuses specifically in municipal defense, corporate investigations, and commercial transactions. He has a great deal of investigative experience due to his time spent in the professional world of law enforcement. It gives him an excellent advantage over much of his competition because of his knowledge of multiple sides to the world of law.

Andrew Crumbie also received his Masters degree in business management from the prestigious institution known as Cambridge College in 2000 prior to graduating law school. His education paved the way for an extremely successful career as an attorney and helped give him the knowledge necessary to be successful in business law.

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