Andrew Crumbie – Chess Player

Andrew Crumbie has been described by many as an intellectual, someone who wants to broaden the horizon of his mind, and explore the vast scape of the universe by trying to understand it one book at a time. Andrew Crumbie law enforcement official  says that he loves learning, and feels that it is essential for a human being to do so over the course of his life. Andrew also is no stranger to a challenge, and actually revels in coming up with a new problem or equation for him to go over, to indulge and to solve. That is why over the years Andrew has developed a real love for the game of chess. A strategist at heart, Andrew says that chess is a great way to exercise the mind, as well as keep your thought processes flexible for skills such as problem solving. Andrew says that skills like problem solving are often underrated, as most don’t realize just how much they use such a skill on a daily basis. Andrew says that the average employed person is likely to exercise the problem solving portion of their brain thirty plus times a day, and that they often feel uncomfortable or struggle with these problems when they are faced, something that could be remedied simply by playing an engaging game like chess.

Andrew Crumbie

Andrew Crumbie says that chess, among many other good brain training games, is applicable in many real world situations. Andrew says that chess teaches us the concept of looking forward, recognizing patters and anticipating actions. Andrew says that all of these things are indispensable for dealing with everyday life, and becoming adept at a game such as chess, will aid you similarly in life, making solving problems easier and more seamless.

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