Andrew Crumbie – A Legal Professional and Successful Individual

Andrew Crumbie is deeply committed to his professional career as an attorney and the founder of Crumbie Law Group, LLC. He has always felt a strong calling to the realm of law, and he has worked a number of positions in many aspects of the law world itself. Not only does he currently serve as an expert attorney for his own legal practice in the New England area, but he also has experience in law enforcement.

Andrew Crumbie

Prior to establishing his successful law group in 2008, Andrew Crumbie worked more than two full decades as a law enforcement official for both state and federal organizations. He spent a number of successful years climbing the ranks of the Connecticut State Police force and served the organization to the best of his ability. He served as a detective, a sergeant, Chief of Staff to the Commissioner, and Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Scientific Services. After working for a number of years at the state level of law enforcement, he pursued a career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Task Force Agent where he worked closely with the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut.

His experiences in the Federal Bureau of Investigation led him to pursue a career in the judicial side of the law where he currently serves today. Crumbie Law Group, LLC has become the largest state certified Minority Business Enterprise in the New England area.

Andrew Crumbie is nothing short of an expert when it comes to providing professional legal counsel. He has been the owner, manager, and founder of his law firm, the Crumbie Law Group, LLC since 2008 when he first established the organization.

Since its founding, the group has grown into a major success and has become one of the most trusted law firms in the New England Area. They work and provide counsel for some of the most important businesses and organizations in the North East region and are committed to providing the best counsel they possibly can. Andrew Crumbie received his education at the prestigious institution known as Cambridge College in 2000 where he received his Master’s degree in business management. After finishing graduate school, he then moved on to receive his law degree from the Massachusetts School of Law in 2004.

He specializes in municipal defense, commercial transactions, and corporate investigations. He is dedicated to his practice and the success of his law firm.

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