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Andrew Crumbie is the founder of the largest state-certified minority business enterprise (MBE) law firm in the Northeast Region of the United States. He began his journey to get to this point at the Massachusetts School of Law, and it was there that he was awarded the Black Judges Conference Book Award for academic achievement. His award shows that he is meticulous in the way he learns and that About Andrew Crumbie will settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to pursuing what he wants in life.

Andrew Crumbie

In law there are a many number of careers that you can pursue, and with the saturated work environment, a law degree does not guarantee that you’ll have a career in law. Graduates of Law school these days need to get creative with the types of jobs that they will pursue once they graduate and according to these four professions are open to students with law degrees:

• Public Interest Advocacy: If there is a particular issue you feel strongly about and you want to influence policy decisions then consider a career in public interest advocacy.

• These days, many people are turning to writing as a side job or even considering it their career. Journalism or writing, is a career that you can turn to, even as a temporary job until you figure out your next move. The famous John Grisham found success with his books thanks to his background in law.

• Negotiation and Conflict Resolution might be ideal as your legal knowledge can help during the mediation process. Though you do not need a law degree for this, it can help put you a step above the rest.

• Government and politics is a career all students with law degrees should consider. Many prominent individuals in government hold law degrees, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to name two.

Whatever you hope to do with your degree, remember that your options are not limited to the courtroom.

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