Andrew Crumbie: Why Corporate Philanthropy is Important

Andrew Crumbie earned his J.D. at the Massachusetts School of Law and was also awarded the Massachusetts Black Judges Conference Book Award for academic achievement. He has always been interested in helping people, and as a lawyer has worked with several philanthropic organizations. Corporate philanthropy could cost the company, but it also provides benefits for the company, the employees and the community. Here are some reasons why corporate philanthropy is important.

Benefits to the Community

When a company provides financial grants, local organizations can afford to buy supplies and start programs that would otherwise be impossible to start. Some local community organizations might need manpower, and companies that allow their employees to volunteer at these organizations can make a big difference in the local community. Philanthropic efforts from corporations and local businesses can help build up the community and provide valuable resources that could help make the community a better place.

Boost Morale

Businesses and companies that encourage philanthropic efforts among employees could find an increase in employee morale within a short time. Volunteering for local community-related activities could give volunteers a sense doing something that could make a difference in the lives of others. Employees can also get to know others while working on community-related projects. It helps boost morale, increase productivity, build teamwork, and helps build the community.


Actively engaging in philanthropic activity will give your company an edge when you are looking to hire new employees. Job seekers regard companies and businesses that are actively engaged in philanthropic activity as good places to work at. People like to work with companies that aren’t just concerned about making money, but are also interested in making the community a better place.

Company Image

Companies and businesses that engage in philanthropic activity are creating a positive public image that will help build up the company’s reputation. People tend to look at companies favorably when the company starts taking an interest in helping the local community. Positive feedback and exposure are important if you are trying to build your company’s reputation. However, you will need to make sure that philanthropic efforts you engage in are to benefit others, and not to drive more business to your company. While you will get new customers through your philanthropic efforts, it should not be the primary focus of your philanthropic activity.

Andrew Crumbie is the founder of the Crumbie Law Group, LLC, and is committed to working with the community to make it a better place.

Andrew Crumbie

Andrew Crumbie

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