Andrew Crumbie – Massachusetts School of Law

The Massachusetts School of Law (MSLAW) is New England’s most affordable and diverse law school, offering a more dynamic learning experience than many other schools within the region for its students. Andrew Crumbie, an MSLAW graduate can attest to the school’s statement that its students truly enjoy their time spent there. The School is committed to turning out a bright future for the law community and works to enhance the student body experience and foster a community of support.

Andrew Crumbie

In an effort to provide support for students, all admitted students are immediately assigned a faculty advisor to meet with during their first two semesters and each year until graduation in order to monitor academic progress and help improve the chances for students to achieve success. The school provides programs, such as a formal academic support program, that focus on first-year students, those on academic probation, tutoring, peer to peer mentoring, and bar exam preparation. MSLAW also offers first-year exam skill seminars to improve upon students’ exam taking skills and test scores. These seminars provide assistance with reading and writing skills, note taking, outlining, practice exams, and immediate feedback on results. These programs help students find the support they may need to push them forward to academic success.

Andrew Crumbie is one of many students who greatly benefited from his time spent at MSLAW. The rich diversity and values found at the school make an impression on many students and resonated with Crumbie in particular who went on to open and manage the largest minority-owned law practice in New England.

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