Andrew Crumbie – Minority/Women Business Enterprise

A certified Minority Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) in the United States is classified as a business that is owned and operated by a person or group of people who have at least 51% stake in the business and control the day to day operations. Andrew Crumbie is a lawyer and the owner of Crumbie Law Group, LLC. His law firm is the largest certified minority-owned business enterprise in New England and he currently has many minorities of various backgrounds and ethnicities in his employment. His lawyers are not only diverse in culture and ethnicity, but his lawyers are also comprised of more women than men, with several in senior and leadership positions within his firm.

Andrew Crumbie

MBE’s were formed in 1998 to better address the needs and opportunities of upscale professional businesses owned by minorities and women throughout the United States. Once certified, these enterprises are offered assistance in securing new business relationships, specifically within supplier diversity programs. These programs can help set an organization apart from their counterparts and give these employers the opportunity to overcome barriers that may have otherwise existed due to race based discrimination. If you are a woman or minority business owner who is interested in procuring the services of the MWBE, please click the following link for further information. There are professionals available to help with the certification process and guide you through each step, including the examination of potential opportunities once approved.

For Andrew Crumbie, joining the MWBE was one way to set his company apart from the rest. His hard work throughout his career and academia is better acknowledged through his relationship with the MWBE and he has been afforded the opportunity for better networking and assistance if needed.

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